The Truth Why Jhong Hilario leaving “It’s Showtime”

Jhong Hilario bid has already bid his goodbye to “It’s Showtime” on the Wednesday episode of the show before holy week. Watch how the long-time “It’s Showtime” host bid farewell to his co-hosts and to Direk Bobet Vidanes.

On the Wednesday episode of “It’s Showtime” during the segment of “Tawag ng Tanghalan” Jhong Hilario announced that that day was his last day and probably his last struck of the gong. Although he didn’t mention why he is leaving the show, the host gratefully thanked everyone for being a part of his hosting career in “It’s Showtime”. He thanked his co-hosts and Direk Bobet Vidanes for the great opportunity. He also told that he’ll be missing everyone and hoping to see each other soon.

why Jhong Hilario bids good bye to showtime

With this, many suspected that the reason behind Jhong Hilario leaving “It’s Showtime” is due to his candidacy under the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) for councilor in Makati.

Jhong Hilario wasn’t the only host who leave “It’s Showtime”. Coleen Garcia also left the show for her acting career and upcoming projects while Eruption left to focus more on his sport.

As a fan, we feel very saddened by the news of some of the long-time hosts of “It’s Showtime” leaving the show but on a brighter note, we are hoping that all of them would achieve success in the new paths that they’ve chosen.
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