NEW : Yassi Pressman Work Dance Cover Video Goes Viral

Another viral video of Yassi Pressman has been invading our newsfeed recently. Of Course, this video has something to do with her graceful and sexy dance moves that totally captivated the netizens who got to see her move. Hit the play button and be her instant fan, if you’re still not.

This new dance video of Yassi Pressman where she grooves to the tune of “Work” by Rihanna is now considered as one of the most viewed videos garnering 1.6M view in less than 24 hours. We can’t blame the netizens for taking their time watching the Kapuso Star because she’s great.
Yassi’s perfectly fit body was very evident not only because of her sexy outfit but also by the way she moves that flexed her sculpted legs and abs. We can say her twerking looks very graceful and wholesome. Not everybody can do that, actually. We also do commend how she wobbles her hips without looking ‘forced’ or something.

Going through the comments, many netizens expressed their adoration towards the rising Kapuso Star. Some saw Yassi as Ella Cruz’s greatest competition in the dance floor while others said that Yassi grooves better than the young Kapamilya actress. Nonetheless, we can say that Yassi Pressman totally nailed it and used her spare time or shall we say waiting time wisely.

Are you now Yassi’s fan? Well, we now we think you are. Be proud by leaving your compliments to Yassi below.

NEW : Yassi Pressman Work Dance Cover Video Goes Viral NEW : Yassi Pressman Work Dance Cover Video Goes Viral Reviewed by Boom Panot on 11:09:00 PM Rating: 5

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