Liza Soberano Behind The Cam Video Will Shock You

Who says Liza Soberano is just a pretty face? Well, think again after you watch this footage of Liza Soberano singing an Adele song during her cruise at Loboc River.

It is very rare to see and encounter people that are blessed not just with looks but also with talent. Let’s add Liza Soberano to this short list. Commonly known as one of the prettiest faces in the showbiz industry, Liza Soberano is more than just a pretty face as proven by this footage of her enjoying her cruise at Loboc River as she surprised the guests with her hidden golden voice singing Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain”.

Liza Soberano viral video

 If you’re a Liza Soberano fan ever since, this kind of talent showcasing video of Liza Soberano would not be new to you. Before being a well known star, the “Dolce Amore” leading lady has been sharing clips of her singing in closed doors on her instagram account. If our memory serves us right, we saw an instagram video of Liza singing inside her room while playing the guitar. Yes, she’s not just good at singing, she also plays the guitar.

Moving on to the Liza’s surprise number at Loboc River, it’s commendable that the beautiful Kapamilya actress has something great to show off on singing to think that it’s an Adele song. Of course, the people in the cruise felt very pleased and lucky for that very rare moment to see Liza Soberano singing in public.

What can you say about Liza Soberano’s hidden talent? Share your thoughts by dropping your comments below.
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