Jessie Mendiola Joins Musically Fever. Watch Viral Video

Now, Jessy Mendiola has joined the bandwagon of stars sharing online their videos. Of Course, we won’t share this to you, if we don’t see anything special on her videos. Hit the play button to find out what we’re talking about.

Kapamilya actress Jessy Mendiola didn’t let herself to be left out with the latest trend of the mobile video application This video presents her best uploaded videos online that include the all-time favourite dance craze “Dessert” by Dawin, Spice Girl’s “Wannabe”, “Call me on my Cellphone” by Drake and a lot more.

Jessy Mendiola Musically

Watching the video alone would make you question your gender, if you’re a girl because of Jessy’s irresistible charm especially when she’s without make-up and wearing a bikini that shows-off her perfectly sculpted body and flawless skin. Our most favourite video of shared by Jessy is the “Call me on my cellphone” because it showcased Jessy’s natural and bare beauty – no make-up look.

Overall, we think that you will definitely like this compiled videos. And what set her videos apart from the other viral videos uploaded by celebrities is that Jessy Mendiola knows how to have fun with her friends, as seen in the video compilation.

As of this writing, Jessy Mendiola’s compilation has reached 62K views. Let’s increase this because she deserve more than this by liking and sharing this video to your friends.

Jessie Mendiola Joins Musically Fever. Watch Viral Video Jessie Mendiola Joins Musically Fever. Watch Viral Video Reviewed by Boom Panot on 9:03:00 PM Rating: 5

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