FlipTop Champion Smugglaz Allegedly Stabbed A Mang Inasal Crew

Fliptop emcee and rapper Smugglaz hit the news for allegedly stubbing a waiter in Mang Inasal. Watch the video to see what happened
The post of Sharlene Bernadette Kim has caused rapper Smugglaz to face his first taste behind the bars for allegedly stubbing the face of her brother Bernard Anthony Bantigue during his duty in the said restaurant. According to Sharlene, Smugglaz used a blade as a weapon to stub the face of his brother. As seen in the photos, her brother acquired some minor facial injuries. 

Smugglaz scandal

On the other hand, some netizens defended the rapper and some self-proclaimed witness told that the waiter started the turmoil leading the rapper to make a move. According to some, Bantigue disrespected Smugglaz’s partner which caused him to defend the lady by using violence. 

If you ask us, we basing on the witnesses’ stories, we think that both parties we’re at fault but beating someone up for his mistake or his unacceptable attitude won’t do much better since it just make the situation worse because a mistake would not be corrected by another mistake especially when it is returned by violence.  

As of now, authorities are still waiting for a CCTV footage to see what really happened during the actual encounter. Just stay tune and we will keep you posted once we gather more information about this story.
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