Allegedly Drunk Ellen Adarna Sings Torete. Watch Viral Video

Kapamilya sexy actress Ellen Adarna has recently shared on Instagram a video of her singing a couple of lines of the hit OPM song “Torete” while holding a champagne glass. Hit the play button and thank us later for making your day.

With the caption, “Kakaraoke at home”, hot Kapamilya actress Ellen Adarna showed off her sexy version of “Torete” as she was enjoying her champagne. In the 15-second video clip, the sexy actress didn’t only just show her karaoke skills but also her godly petit body. Obviously, the netizens feasted the comments with adoration while some expressed their desire to jam with Ellen Adarna in Karaoke and we think that could be a great idea since Ellen Adarna is known for her nice and bubbly personality. She really can mingle to all types of people.

scandal video of drunk ellen adarna

Honestly, just like the most, we also didn’t just watch the video once or twice. Yes, we ripped the replay button because it’s Ellen Adarna that despite not exposing more flesh by just wearing a short shorts and crop top, we still found her hot and sexy which maybe because of her tattoo and flawless skin.

Going to her vocal performance, we can say that it’s not bad at all although she quite looked drunk and tipsy. What score that she got? Well, it’s for her to know and for us to find out. You can ask her in IG anyway.
Uploaded 2 days ago, this recent video of Ellen Adarna on Instagram has hit more than 19K likes.

Kakaraoke at home!

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