Yeng Constantino Emotional on Manny Pacquiao Issue

Fellow Born-again Christian Yeng Constantino emotional after expressing her stand in Manny Pacquiao's issue about gays and lesbians.

Rockstar princess Yeng Constantino wasn't able to stop herself from being emotional after giving her own opinion about the world boxing champion Manny Paquiao's statement in same sex marriage.

Yeng Constantino on Manny Pacquiao controversy

Many netizens are waiting for this moment. At last, A fellow  celebrity Born again Christian gave her point of view regarding the controversial remarks of Manny Pacquiao in LGBT. Will she back up the Saranggani Congressman?

2 days after the spark of the issue, while celebrating their anniversary with her husband in Palawan. Yeng Constantino is in tears while explaining his side. According to OPM rockstar, she  herself have a brother who is a member of the LGBT community .

Watch Yeng Constantino's video message for everyone regarding the Manny Pacquiao 's controversial "gays and lesbian are worse than animal" issue

Video: About LGBT issue. Dahil sa isang tweet napasagot tuloy ako. Pero salamat na din. ❤️ peace to everyone.

Posted by Yeng Constantino on Wednesday, February 17, 2016
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