WATCH: Maine Mendoza’s Reaction to Bashers


Next to stardom, it is expected that celebrities will experience hate from their anti-fans or popularly known as their bashers. Since this is the trend, many Filipino celebrities are coming up with video reactions as they read below the belt comments from their bashers. And the recent celebrity who joined the bandwagon is Maine Mendoza. Watch Maine Mendoza as she reacted to hate comments in her twitter account.

First popularized by Isabelle Daza on her posted videos online entitled “Haters Gonna Hate”, now, Maine Mendoza posted her own version on reacting to negative comments dropped in her social media accounts.

“Chaka”, “Mukhang Yaya” and “Panget” were few of the repeated judgmental comments that Maine Mendoza reacted on in her reaction videos posted on twitter. And nothing but laugh and sarcastic approval Maine Mendoza gave her bashers whenever she’s given offensive labels. Well, we can say that Maine’s gave the best reaction to these hate comments because she’s just showed her very bubbly personality in dealing with negativities threw by her bashers which we do commend.
Actually, as the most in demand Filipino celebrity Maine Mendoza is already getting used to the bashers as proven by a clip where she told “Wala na bang bago?” pertaining to all the bash that she receives, of course from the few or maybe the same people stalking her social media accounts.
To end this, we hope that the bashers not only the bashers of Yaya Dub to take a break and realize that there’s more to life than wasting your time throwing negativities to other people whom you don’t know personally.

Maine's full snapchat story last night. Sinagot niya mga bashers niya. Lol. 󾌴 󾬖 #ALDUBBoojieWonderland

Posted by Yaya Dub on Tuesday, February 2, 2016
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