"SHOKOY" Found Dead in Cebu

Fact or Hoax? This photo of an alleged SHOKOY was found dead in Dalaguete, Cebu. According to Arnel Ambrad, the uploader of this photo, this hideous creature killed his three cousins while they were having a great soak in the beach.

Shokoy found dead in dalaguete cebu

As seen in the photo, the dead creature looks like a mermaid due to its fish-like bottom half feature and has an upper body like a human. On the other hand, this mythical creature seemed not to possess all the physical qualities that all of us thought what a mermaid looks like.

Unfortunately, this mermaid creature found in Dalaguete,Cebu was not blessed with angelic face. Its face resembles science fiction’s hideous characters with very long fin-like ears. It has long thin arms and hands like witch.

Going through the comments, most netizens didn’t believe the photo because obviously, when you’re in the shoes of the man who photographed it, you would let your neighbours know about it which was not reflected in the photo.

What’s your stand about this? Do you really believe that mermaids exist? Let us know your answers by leaving your comments below.
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