Does Yexel Sebastian Proposed To His Girlfriend ?

Youtube star Yexel Sebastian has set the bar too high to all the guys who are planning to surprise their girl this Valentine season. Watch how Yexel threw a lot of effort to come up with the biggest bouquet of stuffed toys all by himself.

 As mentioned, Yexel Sebastian has set the bar too high which made him as one of the dream boyfriends of the women out there. If you’re a 24/7 online surfer, Yexel and his girlfriend Mikee are not new to you since they are related to online sensation Jamich. Yexel is Jam’s older brother while Mikee is a close friend of Jamich.

yexel surprises gf

Going back to the viral Valentine’s Day surprise of Yexel to Mikee, we can’t help but adore this guy for his effort and imagination for coming up with such a huge and beautifully arranged stuffed toy bouquet. As seen in the video, few clips were shared showing how Yexel made the bouquet.
Despite the traffic Jam in Edsa which according to Yexel took them 5 hours to travel the bouquet, still there’s no sign of bad vibes can be seen from him and his group. In his chic looking suit, Yexel met Mikee in a restaurant. At first, Mikee was fetched by a friend and accompanied her outside the restaurant where Yexel and the giant bouquet are waiting.

Mikee was very surprised upon seeing Yexel’s Valentine surprise. And it didn’t just end there, Yexel has some pick-up lines that made his girlfriend to feel more flattered.
As of this writing, this video has reached 4.5 million views in just one day.

Largest Bouquet of Stuffed Toys =)

Surprise Valentine Giftnatin kay MikeeLiling tatlong araw kong tinahi at pinlano ,lalo na kung pano sya tatayo at magiging matibay,Astig diba?Creative !! heheButi naging happy naman sya heheheSuccessful! HAPPY VALENTINES =)

Posted by Yexel Sebastian on Saturday, February 13, 2016
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