Beautiful Liza Soberano Videos Goes Viral

Dubsmash is so 2015 ‘coz now, another lip-sync app has taken the smartphone users by storm including famous celebrities like Liza Soberano. Watch the ABS-CBN’s primetime princess video compilation and prepare to fall inlove with her even more.

Liza Soberano musically

Filipino celebrities are now getting hooked to the new lip-sync app as proven by their entries in their respective social media accounts. Among these celebrities, Liza Soberano’s video compilation caught our attention because of her of course, angelic face and cute facial expressions.
The actual video might only take few seconds and replaying it over and over again didn’t make us feel that we had enough but honestly, made us feel wanting for more. Compared to the other viral compilation, Liza’s version gave us a roller coaster ride. From showcasing her lip rapping skills up to treating us with her cutest lip baby talking that certainly fit her very angelic face. No wonder, all men are falling head over heels to her.

Going through what the netizens have to say, as we expect, many agreed that this video compilation of Liza Soberano is the cutest and most fun to watch. And we couldn’t agree more that whatever facial expression Liza does she’s still pretty and adorable at the same time.

As of this writing, Liza Soberano has reached 180K views and counting.
Did Liza Soberano make you fall in love with her even more? We know you did and we could feel it.

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