What Your Pimples Are Trying to Tell You

The pimples which instantly pop up to our face have a deeper meaning according to Chinese Medicine. The different part of the face is the window to your health.
The forehead, left and right cheek, nose, chin and ears can be a tool in detecting what is happening inside of our body.

Upper forehead pimple is connected to the digestive system, the large intestine and the bladder. When you usually eat foods like burger, fries, hotdog and soft drinks you are most likely to have unhealthy body because of bad diet. Mia suggests take more antioxidants foods and drinks. Yin and Yang foods like lemon water, green tea and berries.

Lower forehead according to Chinese medicine is where your mind and spirit are located. When pimples shown on this part of your face it means you have irregular sleeping pattern, under stress or depression or you have a bad blood circulation. Mia suggests you have to sleep early not later than eleven in the evening, relax your mind, take a long bath, watch a movie or a television program or do some meditation or go to a relaxing place like spa.

The nose is strongly connected to the heart. When there’s a pimple in your nose it shows you are problematic at the moment. It caused your blood pressure to rise as well as stress. Again, the best way to do is to unwind and find time for relaxation.

The eyebrows are connected to the liver. Pimples in there shows you have a high fat diet, alcohol, and again the fast food familiar food like burger, fries, soft drinks, pizza, hotdog and the like should be avoided.

Pimple in the ear shows problem in the kidneys. It is caused primarily of lack of water intake, too much salty foods and caffeine. So you must increase water intake but cut down intake of caffeine and food with too much salt and sodium.

Right cheek is connected to the lungs. When pimples shown in this part of your face it signifies allergies, respiratory stress or you are the first or second hand smoker. To avoid this, stop smoking and do not come to a smoking area.

The mouth and center of chin have a connection with the stomach and small intestine. Eating too much in fast foods and constipation caused you to have pimples in those areas. You need to take more fresh foods with high fibers like carrots, broccoli and other vegetables. Also fruits like apple and grapes and whole grain food too.

The pimple at the side of the chin is connected to the reproductive area and kidneys. It is characterized by menstrual cycle, hormonal imbalance or overwork of kidneys. And the best way to avoid it is to relax!

As a reminder, we have to remember that a true beauty is not only from the outside but more of the inside. Practice healthy diet and healthy living to ensure of having a healthy skin especially in your face which is the mirror of your inner beauty.

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