WATCH: Jhong Hilario pranks Anne Curtis

We all know that Anne Curtis is such a sweet and charming woman which probably the reason why she’s the favourite target of her friends to prank. This latest video of Anne Curtis being pranked by Jhong Hilario is now making rounds online because of Anne Curtis’ adorable reaction. Hit the play button and be in loved with Anne Curtis more.

Actually, this prank done by Jhong Hilario was very simple that I did not need any fancy equipments or costume just to scare his co-host and friend Anne Curtis. It only lasted for a couple of seconds but Anne Curtis reaction made us crashed the replay button. As a matter of fact, we can say that she really can hit high notes when she’s scared.

If you want to know how to creep Anne Curtis to summon her Mariah Carey voice out, just follow what Jhong Hilario did. Just hide somewhere and scream as loud as you can while Anne is peacefully walking. It’s better if you do this in an empty lobby or hallway.
Anne Curtis’ adorable reaction was perfectly caught by Jugs who served as the cameraman during the prank.

As what we mentioned, many netizens also noticed that Anne Curtis has a hidden Mariah Carey whistle tone when she’s screaming. Other commented that her reaction was way too cute for a prank.
In less than a week, Jhong Hilario pranks Anne Curtis video has reached more than 100K views in youtube.

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