Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards First Interview Together

Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards First Interview Together. Nicomaine Dei Mendoza and Richard Faulkerson are the trending Yaya Dub and Alden Richards or the ALDUB NATION FEVER! Talking about them is of an endless topic. Ricardo “Ricky” Lo, Filipino entertainment writer, showbiz commentator and TV host was very lucky to have been given a chance to interview Maine and Alden or the “ALDUB” of the Philippines.

He first asked the two if they did expected these things or the fame they are in now is what really they hoped for? Yaya Dub answered ‘No. it wasn’t.’ Alden added it was at first only a play, they are just having fun when they started on July 16, 2015 in the game show of Eat Bulaga’s Kalye Serye. Yaya Dub’s reaction upon meeting Alden even only on screen that gave a hint to the people of Eat  Bulaga that it can be an intriguing issue when Yaya Dub admire Alden a lot.

In the video it was shown that Yaya Dub’s gestures was changed when she saw Alden. She was cautious and conscious as well that everyone in the studio teased her to Alden. And look how Alden’s sweet smile was revealed even from the beginning when they are being teased! When asked by Ricky Lo what was Alden’s reaction when first heard Yaya Dub’s voice, Alden said that the first word she heard from Maine is ‘Lola’ while in the set of Eat Bulaga in one of the episode of Kalye Serye. Alden added her voice actually is like a husky and big voice of a man as a joke. Ricky Lo then asked how do they still have time for rest and sleep? Maine replied, ‘yes even I come home in Bulacan I do still have time to sleep a little.’ Alden for himself he added, ‘I rest and sleep if there’s a time whenever it’s free.’ The part I wanted most in the interview of Ricky Lo with the two, Maine and Alden was when Ricky Lo asked them how do they managed fame being a phenomenal team and trending all over the Philippines and worldwide. Alden said, “what we are doing is with a purpose. We really don’t mind how popular we are.”  Likewise, Maine also said “I don’t put this in mind. I just think I am like a normal individual. I don’t think of being famous!’

Alas! The two are truly admirable! What more can I say? You shouldn’t missed watch this video clip, guys! The whole time I am watching this as I noticed in myself was the smile remain from the beginning until I am done in watching. Try to experience the same, watch the video now!

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