Awkward Interview Between Karen Davila and Alma Moreno

Alma Moreno is Vanessa Moreno Lacsamana in real life. People are fond to call her ‘Ness.’ She was born on May 25, 1959 in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur. She is an actress and politician too. She started her showbiz career as early as 1976 when she was introduced to stardom in the film Ligaw na Bulaklak. From then until the late 1980’s numerous films were given to her and were all rated as box office hits. She was then considered as the “Sex Goddess of Philipinne Movies.” She also earned the title “Shining Star” in her highly rated television show. Imagine how famous she was in the showbiz industry in her time!

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For her political career, she ran for Paranaque City Mayor in 2004 but lost. She then ran again this time for City Councilor in 2007 and was elected by the people of the city and re-elected in the same position in 2010. In 2012, she became the first female National President of the Philippine Councilors League (PCL). In the same year of 2012 she declared her intention of running in the senate but then dropped her bid because of an illness. It is in this year 2015 that she had formally filed her Certificate of Candidacy (COC) on October 15, 2015 joining United Nationalist Alliance of Vice President Jejimar Binay.

In this video clip of Ms. Alma Moreno with Karen Davila who is an award winning Filipino broadcast journalist and television presenter, she was asked of the Anti-discrimination Bill authored by Senator Mar Roxas weather she will give her support or not. She then replied “yes, I will give my support.”  She elaborated the term ‘discrimination’ in her own understanding. She said, “for example, when a woman was called a fool then that is discrimination because it was too degrading as a human just like me when sometimes I was considered as one. So that is one in the list of my programs.”  Ms. Moreno was then asked in the interview with Karen Davila of her advocacy in running for the senate. She replied, “My advocacy is to be of help to the Filipino Women, especially for the younger women who were rape victims and without capabilities to demand for justice.” Karen Davila then said “we have public attorneys in the government.” In my understanding Ms. Moreno’s advocacy is to be of help to the Filipino women in a more intensive way. In every aspect of a woman’s life she wants to be of full support be it socially, spiritually, emotionally and even when it comes to livelihood support. I believed in her advocacy after all she is the first female National President of the Philippine Councilors League (PCL) a proof that a woman can be of help to the people nationally.

When asked if she supports the RH Bill she replied in a humorous way which is more likely fine when the topic became so serious that there’s a need to lessen the tension. Remember the issue of birth control? For Ms. Moreno, there has to be measurement of how many a family could afford to bear child. As you will see in the video, she sometimes rattled for it was a live telecast interview which is understandable to us. All the questions asked by the broadcast journalist Karen Davila was delivered intelligently and truly admirable. It helps me discover more of Ms. Moreno’s good side. The importance of what lie in Ms. Alma Moreno’s goal to run for a senate can be felt regardless of how complex or simple she has delivered it. Good luck Ms. Alma Moreno in your candidacy for being one of the country’s shining Senator. Now, I am perfectly sure you guys are excited to watch this video. Go, click it now!

What would be your advocacy in the Senate?
Must WATCH awkward interview of Alma Moreno. Can you imagine her as our Senator? #PinoyHowPolitics Up Next Manny Pacquiao..
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