VIRAL VIDEO : Amazing Filipina Impersonates Famous Singers

Katrina Velarde, also known as the " Suklay Diva ", once again took the online spotlight by storm in her latest viral video why impersonating famous international and local singers.

 A lot of new talents are being discovered easily nowadays by the help of the oh-so-powerful internet. Grab your phone, click the record button, show what you got and upload. If people find you entertaining then get ready to hit the spotlight.

    This woman blessed with an amazing voice not only did it once with her cover of Chandelier by Sia, she did again with her new video featuring impersonation of different artists, local or international.

     Her new video uploaded days ago goes viral and has been shared thousands of times and viewed by millions of netizens.

      It is indeed undoubtedly that this woman named Katrina Velarde is an instant superstar and an amazing singer. Aside from being talented, she is also a natural, funny and entertaining at the same time.
       Watch her new video that once again left a lot of people in awe and click the share button.
VIRAL VIDEO : Amazing Filipina Impersonates Famous Singers VIRAL VIDEO : Amazing Filipina Impersonates Famous Singers Reviewed by Boom Panot on 2:38:00 AM Rating: 5

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