Angel Locsin Suffers Spine Injury. NO MORE DARNA ROLE!

Breaking news - Angel Locsin suffered a spinal injury that  cost her to cancel future project in ABSCBN as DARNA.

For two years after receiving ABSCBN Star Cinema's offer for DARNA, Angel Locsin immediately underwent training through work out, exercise and Muay Thai. 

In an one on one interview with Boby Abunda, Angel Locsin said that she honestly feel considering in giving up her showbiz career.  According to the actress, even the high dosage of pain relievers some times never work. She also said that the doctors warned her that her condition might lead to Paralysis if left untreated. 

Thousands of fans were saddened by the Angel Locsin Injury news.

"Angel Locsin suffered many problem today, First her official Facebook page with more than 13 millions followers were hacked. 2nd that she suffered a spinal injury that will cost her dream role as Darna. " Said by a fan.

Though Angel Locsin have many question why all of this is happening to her, she still believes that everything happens for a greater reason.

Watch the news about Angel Locsin spinal injury below. 

Angel Locsin Suffers Spine Injury. NO MORE DARNA ROLE!  Angel Locsin Suffers Spine Injury. NO MORE DARNA ROLE! Reviewed by Boom Panot on 11:40:00 PM Rating: 5

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