VIDEO: 17 Signs That You Finally Found The Perfect Boyfriend. EVERY GIRLS SHOULD WATCH THIS

Every girl deserves someone who’ll love her unconditionally – a man who can accept and still love her including her imperfections. Ironic to what everyone thinks, still there are men who possess these qualities that make them one of the perfect boyfriends out there.

If you’re reading this post and currently in a relationship, better sit back, relax and read these signs to know whether your boyfriend belongs to the ‘endangered species’ type.

1.    He doesn’t know why he loves you because he just loves you

Personally, this is my greatest sign to know if a person is sincere or not. This may sound contradicting to reality but if a person doesn’t know why he/she likes you, there would be no reason of him/her leaving you for someone who is more (insert a quality or an adjective here).

2.     He never forgets your past conversations

 He doesn’t forget even the smallest details of the ALL your conversations. You will just be surprised that he remembers everything more than you do.

3.    He remembers important dates and places

This is very essential in all types of relationship especially to intimate relationship like you have with your partner because obviously, how can your anniversaries, if he doesn’t know the time you gave your sweet ‘yes’.

4.    He texts you good mornings and good nights

This may be simple but girls find this gesture thoughtful and sweet.

5.    He always remind you to eat and take good care of yourself when he’s not with you

 Same with number 3, girls find this thoughtful and sweet because this gesture somewhat gives them the feeling of assurance that their man cares for them.

6.    He could be a great nurse

Your boyfriend could be the best medical practioner in the world every time you feel ill, although he doesn’t have any background. He tries to do research in order to give the best remedy to ease the pain that you’re feeling. And the next day, you’ll wake up by the sound of his breath with your body inside his warm arms.

7.    He turns your romantic scene in your favourite movie to reality

He doesn’t fail to surprise you every time and he never chooses when and where he could turn himself as your ‘Edward Cullen’ or ‘Augustus Waters’.

8.    He knows what you want
 This is the most basic requirement among all because if he doesn’t know what you want, what’s the point of being in an intimate relationship with someone?
9.    He accepts and loves your flaws

When in love, you don’t just love the best qualities of that person but you also embrace the flaws of your partner – this is true and unconditional love.
10.    He’s the wind beneath your wings   
He supports you. He doesn’t change you but brings out the best in you. In every important event that will happen in your life, he’s always there and tell you the best of luck and that no matter what happen you’re still the best in his eyes.

11.    He’s the saddest when you feel blue
He feels very depressed when you cry because he can’t take seeing you at your deepest and darkest moments but during these times, he’ll make you feel that you’re secure and that his shoulder is the best to lean on.
12.    He makes you feel beautiful
He doesn’t give you any reason not to feel insecure about yourself because in his eyes you’re and by his words you can feel that you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.
13.    He’s your Superman

He protects you from anything or anyone even an insect won’t dare to come closer to you when he’s around. He comes instantly whenever you need his help.
14.    He shares his dreams with you
He includes you in his future plans. He doesn’t just promise to have a good and brighter future but he also does the move in order to turn his plans to reality.

15.    He let you meet his family and friends
Because he’s proud of you, he finds time to set up a good dinner for you to meet his family and friends.
16.    He preserves your purity
He knows his limits and when both of you get a time to open the topic up, he’s firm with his belief that a woman’s purity is sacred.

17.    He brings you closer to God
He’s not just perfect he’s also godly because nothing and no one will be against the two of you, if God is at the center of your relationship.


VIDEO: 17 Signs That You Finally Found The Perfect Boyfriend. EVERY GIRLS SHOULD WATCH THIS VIDEO: 17 Signs That You Finally Found The Perfect Boyfriend. EVERY GIRLS SHOULD WATCH THIS Reviewed by Boom Panot on 3:36:00 AM Rating: 5

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